Claim Letter Loss due to a Hurricane

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Claim Letter

Loss due to a Hurricane

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To Whom It May Concern:

            On July 21, 2008 the property at the above address was severely damaged due to a hurricane. This loss came about due to extremely strong winds, heavy rain and high storm surge. The above listed property is located close to the water’s edge. As a result of the hurricane the following damage was incurred on this property (Safeco, 1).

The roof of this property was completely blown off of the structure of the property.
Three nearby trees fell into the property damaging the west wall and breaking windows.
The front windows were also broken due to strong winds.
The parking lot suffered severe damage due to the weight of the storm surge.
The retail goods within the property were also destroyed due to water damage.
Electronics within the property are useless due to water damage.
No personal injuries occurred.
Loss of payroll and profits because of the inability to operate the property.
This is a general list of the damage incurred due to the hurricane on July 21, 2008. A more

extensive inventory of damage is available upon request. This inventory includes specific details about the damage to the property including locations and extent. It also includes a detailed list of commercial property that was lost including monetary value (Safeco, 1).

This claim has been filed on November 1, 2008.

Safeco Insurance. (2008). Hurricane Damage. Retrieved on November 1, 2008 from


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