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1.       Isolationist US foreign policy is preferred by more individual because_____________________.

a.       The government does its best to avoid war until the defense of territory and its people is required.

b.      Trade and cultural machineries of the states are controlled; locals are given more opportunity to do well in their fields.

c.       The nations, composed of all the states, are given more freedom to manage its own political affairs such that it remains the superpower of the world.

d.      All of the above

2.       As a safeguard to separation of powers in the branches of the government, the War Powers Act empowers the congress to withdraw troops from one country after______________________.

a.       60- 90 days

b.      50- 70 days

c.       10- 30 days

d.      12-24 days

3.       The congress, in order to be able to withdraw the troops of Iraq should____________________.

a.       Enter into a treaty with the government of Iraq

b.      Issue a memorandum directly to the troops to withdraw and surrender

c.       Compel the government of Iraq to send the troops back home.

d.      Enact a law for the matter.

4.       The policy of the federal government towards transparency on all its governmental dealings suddenly ended during the _______________________________.

a.       Cold war

b.      Vietnam war

c.       Post modern era

d.      Classical era

5.       Attacking Iraq without the eminent danger of it attacking the US first, to many, is the degeneration of American values, particularly_____________________________.

a.       Ethical equality, value of the individual, efficiency and pragmatism

b.      Materialism, openness, informality

c.       Time, change, control of environment

d.      None of the above.

6.       In Multilateralist nature, the Bush Doctrine is about____________________________________.

a.       Economic principles to govern the country

b.      Educational preferences that the country needs to succeed and remain on top of the superpowers of the world

c.       Different principles that the Bush government holds on still when it comes to foreign dealings and issues

d.      War and peace

7.       The US has always been in good working relationship with the United Nations ever since it was founded until the irreconcilable differences that happened while ______________________ was President of the country.

a.       George W. Bush

b.      Bill Clinton

c.       Barack Obama

d.      Richard Nixon

8.       Through the years, even conservatives in the country put up with the United Nations especially for ______________________________________________.

a.       The resolution of conflicts in the Security Council especially in the entrance of the Soviet Union to the organization

b.      The review of war policies towards other countries

c.       The improvement of the United Nations’ policies on resolving hunger and shortage of clean water to drink

d.      All of the above

9.       The United States has been branded the world’s superpower since ____________________.

a.       1944

b.      1954

c.       1964

d.      1974


1.       D

2.       A

3.       D

4.       A

5.       A

6.       C

7.       D

8.       D

9.       A


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