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Using the story behind the operations of the company called Omatek Computers; I shall be summarizing the description of the RDBMS system in Communication Information Systems. “A database management system, or DBMS, is a computer software program that is designed as the means of managing all databases that are currently installed on a system hard drive or network” (Tatum).

Omatek Computers is a company located in Nigeria, where computer systems are coupled and sold in accordance to the orders received from its clients. Just like the RDBMS, Omatek computers relates with the clients by receiving orders from them and making sure that such orders are delivered.


            There are four stages involved in the RDBMS process. These stages can be compared to that of Omatek Company. The Client which is compared to the clients of Omatek; Web page servicing application can be compared to the customer service; RDBMS compared to the Operations department and the Application that performs calculation can be compared to the manufacturer.


            Omatek is a company that deals with the supply of computer systems to its clients based on preorders made by them. Just like the clients in the RDBMS, new orders are received by the company, from the clients.

The department that relates with the clients information is known as the customers service which serves as the webpage servicing application. This department collects information on what the client needs.

The next department Omatek, known as the Operations performs the functions of the Relation Database Management System (RDBMS); storing the information sent in by the clients and recording them to make sure that the client gets a response according to his/her request. The RDBMS just like the operations department in Omatek stores this information for proper documentation and easy access. “RDBMS stands for Relational Database Management System. RDBMS data is structured in database tables, fields and records” (What is RDBMS?).

Finally, the manufacturer of Omatek System, who can be compared with the application server in RDBMS receives information from the operations department and make sure that the products the clients requested for, are manufactured according to specification. The manufacturer is responsible for the final calculation and other procedures required in delivering the right output to the clients.

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