Conspiracy 2

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Conspiracy 2

            Julia is a thirty-year old divorced mother of two.  Her ex husband has not worked in three years so there is no child support.  She works as a waitress which barely covers the rent and there have been months when it did not cover the utilities so she had to juggle or stagger the payments.  Her youngest child was diagnosed with type one diabetes six months earlier.  Since Julia does not have insurance, the insulin is expensive.  She has no father and her mother has less money than she does.   She is desperate and has no idea what to do.

            A regular customer at the restaurant, Greg, knows about Julia’s situation because they talk each morning when he comes in for breakfast.  Greg is a convicted felon and has been in trouble with the law since he was fourteen.  He has a friendly personality which has made Julia disregard his past.  One morning he as about her youngest child as he usually does.   She tells him about the trip to the emergency room the night before and how a doctor told her that her child will only get worse if an insulin pump is not surgically implanted.  There is no way that she can afford this procedure let alone pay for the emergency room visit.  Greg sees the tears in her eyes.  He waits at the coffee shop until it is time for her break.

            He asked her to have a seat.  Over a cup of coffee, he tells her that he has the answer to her problems.  She knows that he is a felon, but she is so desperate that she stays to listen.  He explains that he has plans to rob a nearby bank, and that he was going to work with has been arrested for another crime, and is no longer available to drive the car that is to be parked in the alley nearby.  They would place a stolen license plate on the car and would both wear disguises.  He would provide everything.  All that she would have to do is be there and be ready to drive the car.  He would give her thirty percent, which according to previous job would be over ten thousand dollars.  Julia asks him if he would use a weapon, and he truthfully answers that it will be armed robbery.

            Julia is hesitant, but she absolutely has to have the money and there is no other prospects of her obtaining it.  She agrees.  Two days later she parks the car in the alley and waits as Greg enters the bank.  Fifteen minutes later, he jumps into the car and they head out of the city.  When They get to the first traffic light, the car stalls and they are immediately surrounded by police cars and arrested.  Julia is arrested and charged with second degree conspiracy.


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