Gay Marriage Research Paper

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Love Is Blind Due to legal barriers and the legislation laws, Gays are not legally able to adopt children, be legally married, and they also do not have any legal recognition on their entitlement and health benefits with their partners. The LGBTQ (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual Queer) Community has been fairly given the freedom to marry in certain states and have a legal recognition of their relationship. Although, some say that including culture or religion in politics affects the decision of the government whether to legalize gay marriage. As time passes, more and more Americans are beginning to socially accept the idea of gay marriage.

The legal or socially recognized marriage between two people of the same sex, Gay Marriage, has been a controversy that has been discussed for decades; should same sex commitments be a legal and binding marriage? Many different people came from different countries from as early as the 13th century to The New World for religious freedom. Many were avoiding religious persecutions in England; the Puritans wanted to set an example of how God wanted people to live. In the 15th century, interracial marriages were banned and were considered taboo in The United States.

African-Americans fought for their freedom to be recognized as citizens of the United States as they were considered as “property” and a non-human being during the Civil War era, after years of revolution, African-Americans were granted the legalization of interracial marriage throughout the country. “The legal and social equality movement started since the 1960s and had changed the attitudes towards homosexuality, developed gay communities and improved self image. ” (Gay and Lesbian Rights 2. 1) Marriage is the legal binding of two people in the hands of the law.

A Wedding is a ceremony between two people declaring their love for each other until “death do us part”. The laws of the United States are not based on religion, but on civil rights, the freedom of the citizens in our country. As time keeps moving forward, our social development moves along with it. But many want to stay in their own time, fearing of change, the idea of change in their head will cause them to do irrational things, like using religion, many misinterpret the meaning of the bible so that they can prove their point and try and move it into politics. Religion can short-circuit your ability to think. You sometimes can’t see things as they really are because irrational beliefs get in the way. ” (Thomas, Oliver 7. 1) By doing this, this also is sending an emotional propaganda towards people that being a LGBTQ will anger God and that it will be considered as a sin. Although if they will allow religion in politics, it will also consider Divorce, planting more than one type of crop on the same field, or having two different kinds of fabric in clothing as they are considered as “sins” in the bible.

If they legalize the separation of Church and State, this will give many LGBTQ the freedom of who they want to marry without having to worry about politicians who are biased based on their religious beliefs but who are competent on knowing of what civil rights are. “Culture precedes in politics. If you can’t change culture, you go back to arguing. ” (Drechor, Rod 1. 3) LGBTQ adoption is the adoption of children by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer people.

This may be through the adoption by same-sex couples, adoption by only one partner of the couple from the biological parent, or through a single LGBTQ person. They are all couples and are not allowed to adopt as two married people. “The idea that marriage is solely for the procreation of children is equally dismissible. Plenty of straight, particularly older ones, do not marry to have children. ” (Murray, Douglas 4. 3) Many of the supporters of LGBTQ adoptions suggest that adopting children are unrelated to sexual orientation as that they are in need of homes.

Although, the opponents suggest that legalizing the adoptions for married gays would lead to depression, use of drugs and suicide and may affect children or that the absence of the opposite sex could cause abnormalities. “Giving Gays the right to marry somehow destabilizes heterosexual marriage when under divorce and adultery are the biggest under-miners of marriage. ” (Murray, Douglas 4. 2) The Anti-Discrimination Laws have legislations that prohibit discrimination of Gays in employment, housing public accommodations, or public serves based on their sexual orientations.

The LGBTQ did not earn these rights and laws; they fought legal battles to allow them to serve in the armed services through lawsuits to overturn the military regulation that mandated discharge for disclosing homosexual orientation. Being gay was a crime throughout the U. S. history and many remained in the “closet” until the modern movement for equality. “I wonder what this looks like through the eyes of the people not like themselves. ” (Drechor, Rod 1. 6) The Defense of Marriage Act (1996) gives states the right to refuse to recognize same-sex marriages.

They may choose to recognize “marriage” and “spouse” in hetero forms. Supporters see marriage as a socially constructed and are open to changes that society will make. Opponents see less, citing tradition, morality, and integrity of the family. Gays marry to form a deep, committed and publicly respected bond and that it would bring serious restrictions on freedom of speech and association in churches and religious organizations. Gay Marriage would give a private and public path towards commitment towards everybody and it might encourage everyone to go back to the marital path. Gay marriage represents a cultural revolution, a change of definition of what marriage means. ” (Dehor, Rod 1. 2). The Health benefits of being married same-sex couples are always brought up into discussion and the benefits of probates and tax law are denied of same-sex couples. For example, “If a partner dies in a same sex relationship, under the law, the surviving partners are not entitled to their property unless they provided them with an entitlement. ” (Gay and Lesbian Rights 2. 9).

Domestic Partnership laws may allow unmarried same-sex couples to register their relationship with the municipal of the city; they will not be allowed to join their partner’s health plan in their employed organization. The Legalization of Gay Marriage will not only give them the freedom that they have fought for, for decades, it will also help the evolution of the idea of “marriage”. Legalizing marriage would finally allow same-sex couples to be able to adopt children, children who have been abandoned by their parents.

In the future, people will be able to look back and wondered what idiocy did not allow gay marriage the same way the people of the country look at slavery. Many will be able to marry without having a burden of the church. The repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act would give same-sex couples to have the same life as heterosexual couples do today and soon would not be called “gay-marriage” but just “marriage”. Marriage should not be based on the sexuality of the person but on how they are fully committed they will be to the person they love and promise to love them forever until eternity.

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