What is the state of Civil Rights in America today?

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“What is the state of Civil Rights in America today?

Racial problems clearly still existed in the United States after King’s assassination in 1968. Urban poverty represented a continuing and worsening problem and remained disproportionately high among blacks. A major controversy in the 1970s was desegregation of public education, where achieving a racial balance often required busing students outside of their school districts. A broader question concerned equal opportunity for blacks, an issue which affirmative-action programs attempted to address. These programs, which emerged in the 1970s, supported the hiring and promotion of minorities and women. Their fairness has been debated and litigated into the 1990s.

Although full equality has not yet been reached, the civil rights movement did not put fundamental reforms in place. Legal segregation as a system of racial control was dismantled, and blacks were no longer subject to the humiliation of Jim Crow laws. Public institutions were opened to all. Blacks achieved the right to vote and the influence that went with that right in a democracy. Those were indeed long steps toward racial equality.” Source: Norrell, Robert J. “Civil Rights Movements in the United States.” Microsoft Encarta 2006 (DVD). Redmond, WA: Microsoft Corporation, 2005.

The issues regarding the civil rights in the United States will not end because this is a kind of a struggle that a certain group of people must constantly work for and not only in the United States but throughout the world. Man has learned a lot and at this point our laws have been fair and just enough but, I think can never be perfect.

The issues on religion (Muslim) regarding the 9/11 incident is now an issue about the anger pointed to the Muslims, in this case because of religion a person may not be treated equally. Because we tend to generalize things and will always look at people as a whole and that must be unfair and is never right. That is, there are good Muslims also and not all terrorists are Muslims or practicing Islam.

Civil Rights as a law in the United States which is a democratic country and is having as a matter of principle guaranteeing equality to all regardless of color and religion. So that, the civil rights will now become more of an issue rather than a state policy because the democratic institutions is not a hindrance anymore. Since issues can never be avoided because we are in troublesome environment that anything could happen from the smallest to the biggest such as the possibility of a world war or any attacks by the terrorists. This is an endless cycle. But civil rights cannot be used when the security of the state is at stake. A situation when a Muslim entering the airport will be inspected more than a non Muslim, either an American or not.

We do all have the civil rights but one must consider to sacrifice those rights when the security of the state is at stake. Just a matter of being flexible and be able to understand the situations.

The word “respect” and “trust” are very important because if we all got them with our relationship with each other then a harmonious life is possible, but so far we got a long way before we could truly respect and trust ourselves.


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